One of the fastest growing areas of veterinary-chiropractic health care is that of spinal care for animals.

New technology has allowed us to advance chiropractic care for animals to a new level while ensuring a safe working posture for the doctor of chiropractic or veterinary medicine.

Introducing the versatile Canine Chiro Table 

Canine-Chiro table lowered position
  • Using a state of the art mechanical design Canine-Chiro allows the doctor to adjust the canine or feline with a drop mechanism while reducing the load on the extremities of the animal to allow for proper manipulative technique.
  • The table height adjusts  to a maximum height of 28 inches and will off-load even the largest dogs such as Great Danes.
  • Multiple table options allow the table to be adapted to use for a variety of applications: Veterinary physiotherapy and examination with a top that elevates with the table to a height which allows the doctor to easily examine the dog or treat the animal.